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You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Most coaches will ask good questions, but provide no guidance, and most consultants will tell you everything that you should do with little help in doing it. Cothink’r is different, as our human-centered approach to coaching and advising puts us on your leadership team helping you think.

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Core Advisory Program

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Developing a strategic plan that is clear, concise, and actionable is part art, part science. You and your team will benefit from an advisor that can facilitate a planning day or multi-day retreat, and a reliable framework for navigating the complexities of identifying and defining next year’s priorities.

Your Cothink’r will:

Coaching + Program

Get started each week with the clarity of your most important, and see it realized. With monthly coaching and quarterly planning, you will stop procrastinating, get focused, and stop being driven by your email and calendar, and start designing your week, month, quarter, and year.

Cothink’r Coaching+ includes:

On-Demand Projects

Kyle working ondemand
Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just need someone to start or finish one of the projects identified in your coaching or planning sessions.

A Cothink’r can help with:

Executive Fellowship

When the mastermind does not cut it, and another content-based program is just too much input, a residency is the right combination. Start as a resident in this 12-month cohort to get tools, insights, inspiration, support while having the time to work on your project. Optional annual retreat for enhanced community experience is available.

This program will launch in 2024. To learn more, and to stay up to date on details and timing, please join our waiting list.

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What Our Clients Say

The proof is in the results, and Cothink’r clients have a lot to share.